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25 Helmet Base Mesh - VOL 06
I'm excited to introduce you to the latest project from 3DRedbox: Volume 6 of our Basemesh Collection, and this time it's all about helmets!

The goal here is simple: to supercharge your creative process, especially when you're working with helmet models. These base meshes serve as a perfect starting point for your high-poly or low-poly projects. And guess what? They come with clean UVs and are all set for baking. Plus, they're designed to stay under 10,000 triangles, making them a breeze to use in the game engines.

We've got you covered with not one but two video sets. The first set walks you through the texturing process for these helmets, and the second one shows you how to prepare the base mesh our way.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts! Feel free to drop your comments and share your feedback.
After purchasing this package, you will get :
25 3D models as FBX and OBJ
All models have both UV channels 1 and 2
Ready for the baking process
All Model are under 10k tris
How To Prepare a Basemesh:
In the blog, we have included two videos where you can learn how to use a base mesh. these videos show you the sculpting and texturing process.
How To Prepare a Basemesh-Part 01:
How To Prepare a Basemesh-Part 02: