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Scifi Padded Wall

Hey artstation folks!
This is another Material creation process from our vault!
Dive into Substance Designer magic with this tutorial! Uncover material creation techniques and elevate your skills. 🚀🎨
Guess what? The next stop in our Designer Training Series is all about crafting a mind-blowing Sci-Fi material – a slick padding wall perfect for spaceships or anything sci-fi. What's the secret sauce? We're diving into external software to amp up our game because let's face it, Substance Designer can't do it all (almost, though!).
What's Inside:
🚀 200 minutes of cool, unnarrated videos
🌟 1080 Resolution


Chapter 01: Crafting the Core
Let's start with the ABCs of Substance Designer using primary nodes. Shape, detail, and wrap up at the height stage – it's the beginning of something fantastic!

Chapter 02: Planning and Model Magic
Time for a switch-up! Learn the ropes of planning, modeling, and prepping our padded wall with 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer. Watch the magic happen as we simulate in Marvelous Designer and create a nifty padded alpha/pattern in ZBrush.

Chapter 03: Color Explosion
Keep the vibes high as we splash color, create custom decals, and add cool details. Dive into crafting roughness and metallic data, sprinkle in extra color details, and cap it off with emissive channel magic. Exciting stuff, right? 🌈✨

Substance Designer
3ds Max
Marvelous Designer