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Leather Chesterfield Tutorial

Hi Artstation folks!
This is another material that you can learn if you want it via this link:

Explore the world of Chesterfield patterns in Substance Designer with this easy-to-follow tutorial! In 125 minutes of video content, we'll break down the process into bite-sized chapters, perfect for those already familiar with Substance Designer.

Chapter 01: Let's Get Started
We'll build the basic structure of Chesterfield, adding cool details like wrinkles and buttons. Plus, we'll create an underlayer using different maps, blending them for that perfect look without breaking the bank on vertices.

Chapter 02: Adding Color and Roughness
Next up, we'll make our material pop! Dive into creating color and roughness data using gradient maps and a few snazzy colors. Learn how to blend them with grunge maps to get that awesome final result. It's simple, effective, and tailor-made for this kind of material.

Software Used:
Substance Designer

Skill Level:

Just a basic understanding of Substance Designer – you got this!

Join the fun and make your Chesterfield dreams a reality with this user-friendly tutorial. No need for a big budget or fancy resources – just your creativity and Substance Designer! 🚀