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40 Tile-able Fabric Pattern Vol 02

This is the second vol of fabric texture sets pack, which contains 40 high-quality Normal, Height, and Ambient-Occlusion is here to help you create more believable fabric materials in your projects. In this volume for more easier workflow, you have access to all these patterns with PBR base Material (sbsar format). So you can use them in substance painter or any program that support sbsar. these materials have essential parameters. By purchasing this pack you can use these seamless textures in your materials without any hesitation due to their quality there is no backward in your progress.
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This pack includes :
40 PBR Material (sbsar)
40 Normal Texture
16Bit PNG
40 Displacement Texture 16Bit PNG
40 Ambient Occlusion Texture 8Bit PNG
All textures are seamless and tileable

Thanks to Evgenia Petrova. We created this fantastic medieval-style blouse with her awesome tutorial

This product is made by Milad kambari and me, that you can find his profile with this link: